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Candy Karen Posted on 05/29/12

I would like to tell all of you who are afraid of dentists that Dr. Fox is the best and most competent dentist I have ever gone to. I never went to a dentist as a child due to family finances. When I got married and older, needless to say my teeth were bad. I went and told a dentist to just pull them all and I would never have to see a dentist again. Please don't ever make the same mistake I made. I regret it daily. Now Dr Fox is installing implants so I can try to have a normal life again. I was not able to eat, my dentures hurt me constantly and with the help of Dr. Fox, I may actually get rid of the dentures for good. Please go see Dr Fox if you want a comfortable, painfree, professional experience.

Brittany Posted on 05/19/09

I was very comfortable there and the staff was great! I will highly recommend Dr. Fox to everyone!

Nikki Posted on 06/01/07

I recently went to see Dr. Fox for a crown that was going bad. I was very scared because I hadn't had much dental work in the past. He reassured me that an implant was my best option. I left his office with hardly any pain and a good feeling of knowing that I was in good hands. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good dentist.

Local User - Arizona Posted on 10/03/06

The easiest most pain free dental work ever. I am terrified of dentists and this is the most gentle dentist I ever encountered. I had several implants by this dentist and I highly recommend him to everyone.

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